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Dec 5, 2013 10:00am PST
ans of ance for. >> great thank you let's begin by asking the applicant to come forward. i don't know if it's justin beem and daniel brooker for resolute drinks or daniel book er that are coming in but if you could just come up to the podium and briefly introduce yourself and if you can mention in your presentation the kind of outreach you have done to the community and to the district supervisor. >> good morning this is marcia garland and i'm here with dan book er and justin about beam 678 geary will replace a vacancy one that's been vacant for a year and one for 3 years. they began their out research and contracted first off for fifty apartments. they then sent 700 letters to people in the immediate area and followed that up later formally to 38 hundred residents within a 500 foot radius and canvassed the immediate business community several blocks wide and got 22 letters of support. they presented to the alliance to glide memorial church and to the community leadership alliance and got support from everybody and in addition they have subsequent engagements and arrived at a comp
Dec 7, 2013 11:00am PST
that in time. but as you note, many regimes, many governments saw him and the anc as terrorists and responded accordingly. >> one of the things that's always struck me about nelson mandela's life was here was a guy who could have had the ultimate chip on his shoulder. and not once did you ever see or hear or read about public bitterne bitterness. nelson mandela never displayed any sort of public bitterness. >> i think nelson mandela, consistent with martin luther king and gandhi and others, i think recognized when he emerged from that prison cell that if he were going to lead south africa, he needed a message not only of reconciliation but of a multiracial south africa. and he did a great job in presenting that message. and i think he surprised people that when he emerged from 27 years of imprisonment, i don't think anyone can imagine what it would be like to spend that much time in a narrow jail cell, to be cut off and then to come back and be so lucid, so politically astute, so politically aware and really emerge as one of the great leaders of our times. >> donald, when we talk about mandel
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2